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About Us

Starting Pre-School and/or Play Pals.

Settling In
It is important for parents and pre-school staff to work in partnership to build your child’s confidence - a child who is tense or unhappy will be unable to play and learn to their full potential. Starting Pre-School is a brand new experience for children. It may be the first experience of separation from a parent. For this reason we offer a flexible approach to settling in, with free trial sessions that both children and parents can attend.

After every session you will always be given the opportunity to discuss how your child has been in your absence with your child’s key person. Your key person is also happy to telephone you during sessions, letting you know how your child is getting on during the settling in period. As a parent/carer you are welcome to telephone the setting as often as you like.

Mission Statement
Tickton Pre-school and Play Pals.

  • At Tickton Pre-school and Play Pals it is our mission to provide individual, developmentally appropriate play for children of all abilities. 
  • We have a child-centred, stimulating and fun environment that children cannot wait to attend.
  • We operate an open door policy that is inclusive to all children, parents/carers and families.
  • Our dedicated team work provides a safe, secure and healthy environment for all children to enjoy.
  • We support children on a path of lifelong learning.
  • We are a setting determined to meet the needs of our local parents and partners and to play a role in our community.

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